A journey to the mysterious internet


by Alimul Islam

2009 - It's been 8 years once I was 16 then I started exploring online stuff, Had no idea of what was doing. Started reading forums, eBooks, training etc.

I had a belief in myself, I was dreaming of learning something creative, tried over and over and passed 2 years. Drilling online was my hobby I didn't think about to make money yet because I had to complete my O level graduation at that time as it was more important. In 2013 I was advised by one of my friends to start learning Java and managing Linux that can help me to become an email marketer (The most effective way). Well, I started as said attended online training, webinar etc, becoming an expert day by day.

The most interesting thing I wasn't called as a freelancer because I didn't have a freelancer or Upwork account. Lately of 2014 I opened an account in jvzoo and choose some niche to promote, the most interesting thing I found is email marketing as I was the expert of Linux so I could easily develop a mail server to start email marketing. I had to do everything alone because I had no friend interested in working with me in the beginning.


Journey with ViceOffers:

That was great to start working with ViceOffers, the best thing is about to say I got even more than expected from two brothers Alex and Heiko (ViceOffers Owners). I started working with ViceOffers early in 2014 as an affiliate. Then I've been selected as South Asia Manager. I worked hard and gave them my best.


Advice to new affiliates:

I believe in focus and faith, as an affiliate you always should focus to the success and the hard working, drilling in deep of traffic is the main key to success. That's what I've done.

I know how it feels to a new affiliate to discover traffic sources at the beginning. Choose your niche first then read blog to learn how to start (blackhatworld.com, www.warriorforum.com, etc is the best source to learn about affiliate marketing) More you read/research then more you'll learn.

To generate traffic for your niche I have some suggestion for you - First build an eye-catching landing page for your niche then write short articles/invitation message with your landing page URL inside then post them in social media, forum, blogs etc. Watermark your URL in video and upload them in Tube sites (Video watermark marketing). Set up a mail server using Linux and CentOS then do email marketing.

There are one more important thing you'll always have to follow that is grammatical error. You shouldn't post any comments, articles, Invitation messages etc with grammatical errors that may leads your traffic volume and quality down.

Peace & Pray...



I'll always like to help affiliates, Should you have any question always feel free to contact me anytime. I can be reached through Skype: islam.viceoffers and email: nill@viceoffers.com. I'm looking to make an eBook soon that will help new affiliates to start working in affiliate marketing industry.