How to use Instagram to earn money on adult traffic


by Robin

There are many ways to make money on social media and today we will focus on making money in Instagram. A lot of people use Instagram daily mostly of it are adults. So instead of wasting a lot of time scrolling and liking other peoples picture, lets start earning money from Instagram.

What do we need:

  • A Gmail account – create account here
  • An Instagram account – sign up here
  • Adult affiliate – I obviously recommend Viceoffers
  • Gramblr software – download here
  • URL Shortener – you can use bit.ly
  • Tons of female pictures
  • And your precious time


Choosing an adult affiliate offer:

Assuming you have already your Gmail email, Instagram account and Viceoffers account, first thing to do is pick an affiliate offer. In your affiliate dashboard go to offers, the change the filter “Traffic Type” to Social media, there are a lot of offers that accepts social media but in this example I am using #28 Adult Dating PPL – Global and #3 ViceEscorts – PPL.

Oh before that you have to contact your Affiliate Manager for you to able to promote offers above. Once you are approved to run the offers copy your affiliate link.

Now that you have your affiliate link next thing you do is shorten the URL using bit.ly

Now that you have your affiliate link/s shortened, we will now proceed to your instagram profile.

Instagram Profile:

On your instagram profile paste the affiliate link in the website data. You also have to come up with an attractive and descriptive name & create a short bio on what your profile is (sample below)



Now that your Instagram profile is ready we need a lot of pretty female picture, so where do we get pictures? There are a lot of sources of pictures we can start in facebook by doing search using #sexy #nofilter #pretty or other hashtag that outputs pretty girls, then save it in.

But wait.. there are rules on what pictures to save:

  1. Make sure its not from a celebrity or from a popular person or from a brand
  2. Make sure the picture is natural looking and not taken from a photograph session

Now that we have pictures choose the 1 that stands out the most and make it your profile picture.

Posting the pictures:

Assuming you save a lot of pictures, now we will post the pictures using Gramblr. Download Gramblr here. Why gramblr? Gramblr can post to your Instagram from desktop, you can add filters, you can switch & post in multiple accounts and posting from Gramblr can get free likes (random times) and it is very easy. Registering in grambr is easy all you need is a Gmail account and a working Instagram account, once you have done registering a Gramblr account make sure you visit your inbox and click the activation link. Let’s start using Gramblr:

On the caption add hashtags that male usually use search and add shortened affiliate link (but do not add affiliate link in all posts, you can add affiliate link in every 5 posts)

In Gramblr you can schedule the time to post and you can also buy coins to increase likes.

Notes: limit your posts daily to avoid being banned for spam and when someone asks to remove the picture because they own it, act fast and remove it.


The goal is to have a lot of followers and the followers to click on the affiliate link in your profile and/or they click the affiliate link on your posts.


Increasing engagements:

Now how do we increase affiliate visitors, likes and followers? This part you will have to use your TIME, have few minutes or an hour to increase followers and likes by following people, liking other peoples picture and commenting also.. doing these daily increases your followers/likes and website visits. You can check this site for Instagram engagement calculator.

And that’s it you can start earning money using instagram.



Robin lives in 1 of the 7107 islands in the Philippines and is an all around IT person. You can contact him at robin@viceoffers.com where he is ready to help with any ViceOffers concerns!