Earn a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Find out how to get yours.


by Alex Winkler

Starting now. ViceOffers will be sending email alerts about new offers and other cool stuff going on at ViceOffers. We are going to be doing this using the TEARcloud platform and think you should look into it too.

Here's something special:

TEARcloud is looking for volunteers to become Alpha Users and test their new Newsletter and CRM between June 1st-15th. In return for filling out a survey, they are giving away...

$25 Amazon Gift Cards!

Why TEARcloud Newsletter and LeadCRM?

1. Unlimited Lead Storage (Yes, no charge for your list size!)
2. Currently, send 10k emails/month free (Will be increased soon)
3. Be part of the development (Alpha mode release)

Learn more about how you can use TEARcloud's new LeadCRM and Newsletter in your email marketing:

Click Here to Apply as a TEARcloud Alpha Tester



Alex Winkler is the co-founder of Enzlo Inc, a software and web company that established itself by developing it’s own email marketing company and affiliate network. Alex has been tinkering with online projects since early high school at the age of 16.
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