New Net 7, Weekly Fast & Reliable Payouts!


To start..

Happy New Years to all our Affiliates & Advertisers!

Over the past 2 months following the switch of the old backend we have seen a big boom in traffic. We're working hard to keep everyone happy with quick payouts and lots of hot new offers.

To keep up with our growth we are implementing a Net 7 weekly payout to all our affiliates. Everything will work like before. Just create a Payout Request (PR) like usual and it will be paid out the next Tuesday once the PR is over 7 days old.

Requirements for new affiliates:

All new affiliates will be automatically be put on Net 15. After 4 payouts or sending over $500 per week then you can be put on Net 7. Further more our top affiliates will have the option to be put on Net 0 after 8 payouts or sending over $1000 per week. 

Other considerations:

All affiliates pushing payday or finance offer will be put on Net 30 automatically.

This will be amended to our aff terms page.

Please contact your AM if you have any more questions.


Your Dedicated ViceOffers Team