Officially promote TEARcloud.com services as an Affiliate!



Earn 15% recurring commissions on your leads for LIFE!


(Super short 2:31)




Why promote TEARcloud?



1. Instant approval


Go to ViceOffers.com now, the official South Florida affiliate network hosting TEARcloud. The network now does instant approvals and you can get your affiliate tracking link right away.



2. No basic cookies


When a new signup comes from your aff link that user becomes hardcoded with your referral account. That means the user is yours for life, not just some 30 day cookie. Regardless of browser.


3. Quick Payouts


ViceOffers sends payouts weekly so you’re never waiting for your money! Re-invest earnings right away.



4. Advanced tracking


For additional tracking options you can add subids to organize your traffic sources. (Topic covered in video.)




You can now spread this tracking link by emailing, forum posting, social media posts, Facebook ads, google or bing ads.



5. Multi-purpose


Our mission is to create super flexible marketing modules. All powered by a central lead CRM so you can achieve the best possible ROI. This means every time we release a new module we create more recurring revenue possibilities for you. 


How about a tip?

Using link shortners such as bit.ly or goo.gl is necessary when promoting your tracking links on social media or when email marketing. (Topic covered in video)



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