I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had affiliates ask me these 2 questions…

“Hello Heiko, how can I start generating traffic to your network ViceOffers and what offer should I run first?”

Chances are you have asked yourself these same questions. I know when I first started as an affiliate 10 years ago I was asking myself the same exact things.

Before you ask yourself which offer you should run you should already have your traffic source figured out. Don’t get caught up picking random offers and trying to find a traffic source for that offer. The best thing you can do is start by deciding on a niche.

Since ViceOffers started as a network predominantly full of dating offers we’ll use the dating niche as an example. Great, so you’ve decided on getting dating traffic!

Let’s explore your lead source options:

1. Email (buying lists or collecting emails through opt-in forms then email them your offers)

2. Media buying (buying pay per click or pay per view type of traffic from traffic brokers)

3. Bots (coding or buying bots that can spread your links on chat sites or other sites)

4. Social Media (creating content that drives traffic. EX, Instagram female pic with text “come video chat with me aff. url”)

5. Offline Marketing (Something where you don’t need a computer! Post signs by stop lights with text “Find singles in your area! Aff. URL”


Get creative, try a few things and find what gives you best results and scale the method.

Once you have your traffic source figured out it’s time to pick an offer to promote using that method. With dating I suggest starting with a PPL “Pay per lead”. This usually means you get paid per email submit. These offers pay out a few cents per email lead up to $5-10.

We have Dating PPL offers in ViceOffers, this is a great place to start! I would 100% suggest starting with our “Global GEO Redirect PPL dating offers”. What is a global geo redirect link? It means that you can share this link with worldwide traffic. Some offers only accept specific countries like US, CA, UK… and all traffic not from an accepted country will not convert. LUCKILY with your ViceOffers affiliate link we will redirect your traffic to the best converting offer based on the users country and device so you don’t have to worry about redirecting your traffic to the proper country. With ViceOffers you only need 1 affiliate link and it will work for all countries. We make sure to send your traffic to the highest converting offer and will test between offers to find the best performing offers for your traffic.

Once you see good success with PPL you can move onto PPS (pay per sale). PPS means that you get paid when a user signs up to an offer through your link as a paying customer with a credit card. Obviously getting a PPL conversion is much easier (since it’s only an email submit), but the payout for a PPS is much higher ranging between $20-100 per signup. I do not recommend starting with PPS. The best is to start with PPL and if you are getting conversion to then send some of that traffic to a PPS to see if it earns more.

Learn about our API iframe offer which consistently brings the highest EPC!

When it all boils down the best answer to anything in affiliate marketing is “just test it”. You will never find the hidden gem just reading about “how to generate traffic”. You need to test various methods, add your own spin to them and find what works and what doesn’t.

I spent 2 years with “affiliate marketing” before I started to make any money at all. I never gave up and look where I am now. I consider myself an expert in the industry but still find myself testing and trying new things everyday. I love to help our affiliates and guide others to success so always feel free to contact me via skype and we can talk about your situation and i’ll see where I can give you some tips to help make sure you succeed.

You can find the contact information of all our managers on our homepage http://ViceOffers.com and they are also available to help you with anything you need.

Heiko Winkler

(Co-Founder of ViceOffers and long time marketer) Originally from Germany and now I live in Florida and spend my days fishing on my boat when I'm not busy making sure ViceOffers is the most helpful and productive affiliate network possible for all our users!