[UPDATE] The ViceOffers email chatbot is no longer available to all affiliates. Contact an affiliate manager to see if there is a slot open to run a email campaign for your live incoming leads. If you want full control over your own campaigns you need to buy either the desktop or cloud version of Engager from TEARcloud.com.

The ViceOffers Email Chatbot has just launched!

And it’s a game changer for marketers! Have your email autoresponder campaign up and running in just a minute. This chatbot will help turn your incoming email leads into conversions.

What is the ViceOffers Email Chatbot?

You can create artificial conversations with your leads. Set up multiple responses on different delays to replicate life-like conversations. With every campaign you build you get a unique model email with unique response templates, up to 5 responses. When your campaign is built you can start sending leads to your model email. When a lead sends an email to your model email they will get response template 1, when the same leads responds to template 1 they will then receive your template 2 and so on. A lead will receive the next email response every time they respond to your models email. meow

How do you use the Chatbot?

Setting up your first email chatbot campaign is super easy. In your ViceOffers Dashboard you will see a tab named ‘Email Chatbot’ on the left side navigation. When you click on it a window will pop up where you can create new campaigns and manage your existing campaigns. There are more detailed instructions on that page on what every setting/field does and even contains an example template to show you how someone might use the email chatbot.

How to generate leads to your model email?

Ok, you have created your first campaign and have your model email ready. This is the email your lead needs to contact in order to receive the response templates you set up. There’s many ways you can promote your model email. You can promote it directly, for example:

* Heard you’re looking for a date.. Email me to talk model@ouremail.com 
* Want to make money online, then hit me up model@ouremail.com
* I love to gamble, want to know some good sites? Email me model@ouremail.com

The examples above are something you might write when promoting a dating, MMO/bizopp or gambling offer. You would then spread this message containing your models email in chat rooms, forums, social media sites, etc… Then when an interested lead contacts your models email they will start getting the response templates you set up promoting whatever offer you have chosen.

The Email Chatbot is a powerful tool to help turn your prospected leads into conversions. This tool will work with any offer inside your ViceOffers Dashboard. If you have any questions about using the chatbot feel free to contact any one of our managers, you can find their information on the ViceOffers Contact

Heiko Winkler

(Co-Founder of ViceOffers and long time marketer) Originally from Germany and now I live in Florida and spend my days fishing on my boat when I'm not busy making sure ViceOffers is the most helpful and productive affiliate network possible for all our users!