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A first of it's kind offer, be a pioneer! Pick from RevShare, PPL or PPS.

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Every lead counts. Use the ultimiate landing page for your classified traffic.

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Build your own landing pages that fit your traffic perfectly.

How It Works

We want you to be part of the Vice team!

Step 1: Create Account

Get instant access to our offers!
Contact your manager to get access to your tracking links for PPL offers.

Step 2: Send Traffic

Send your traffic to our offers through your tracking link.
Our sleek interface tracks your clicks and signups in real-time.

Step 3: Get Paid

Every Week

Payments Sent
Every Tuesday
Net 7 / 15

Light Pub Friendly

Payout min $100

Options + Low Fees

Paypal & WU $5
ACH & Skrill $10
Dom. / Int. Wire $35 / $45


Get in touch with exactly who you need

Payouts / Tax

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Florida, USA
Frankfurt, Germany

You need help with your payouts? I'm the one to contact! Send me an email with your issue and i'll get it resolved!

Network / Offers

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Florida, USA

Need help with approvals, links, offers or general questions? Ask me anything non-payment related, I'm here to help.

South Asia Manager

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

I work hard to for our South Asian Affiliates! I speak 5 SA languages and want to give you a great experience!


We're just a bunch of affiliates too.

ViceOffers was officially launched Spring 2015. By brothers Heiko & Alex, long time entrepreneurs, with over 6 years in affiliate marketing experince prior to starting the network. Knowing just what affiliates wanted, ViceOffers was able to grow quickly into a name brand of affiliate networks.

Now ViceOffers again has gotten a new look & new offers. End of Spring 2016 we increased our focus on growing our own exclusive offers. It is our goal to provide you with the best goodies for your traffic!

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When you create your account you will be instantly approved. When you log in for the first time you will see your managers contact information on the left side of your dashboard.

All new affiliates will be given Heiko as their manager, but you may be moved to a different manager in the first couple days that suits your needs better. For example, if you don't speak English well Heiko will make sure to pair you with a manager from your region.

PPL (Pay Per Lead) is when we pay you per confirmed email lead to one of our offers. For example, we pay you when someone makes a free account on our site ViceEscorts.

Due to high issues with fraud when it comes to PPL (since affiliates can easily fake many free accounts) we require manager approval to run these offers.

Here's what you do!
Email containg the following information:
1. Your affiliate account email (so Heiko which knows affiliate you are!)
2. Detailed explanation of your traffic source and how you will be promoting our offers through your sources. (Vague answers like paid traffic, seo, social media, email, etc will not get you approved)
Good Example: "I own and have built in a opt-in list of subscribers interested in dating type offers. 2-3 times a week we email them using and generate around 500 clicks per email blast. We want to use your ViceEscorts PPL offer as it's something they have not seen before."
3. *This is optional, but will help the approval process* Screenshots proving your traffic method. This can include pictures of your traffic system, past earnings, stats, etc. You'de be surprised at the images people have sent us, our favorite picture we recieved was an affiliate who had 8 servers piled on top of each other under his desk.
4. *Also Optional* Your skype ID if you have one (or phone # if located in the US). Your manager may try to jump on a quick call with you to answer any questions we might have as well as any questions you might have.

If you send us traffic to our private PPL offers after approval from a source that you don't ask your manager about ahead of time we have the right to block your account and you might not recieved payout for your PPL signups.

Try sending 1000 clicks minimum to 'ViceEscorts 50% Recurring Revshare' before requesting approval on the ViceEscorts PPL offer.

So you have over $100 in your account and you're ready to collect your money? Great!

Here's what you do:

1. Set your payout method inside your dashboard by clicking your Affiliate Name (top right corner) > Profile > Payment Method & Details

2. Go to 'Payouts' in your dashboard and press 'Request Payout'.

We send out all payment requests every Tuesday with no hold period!

Is it your first time recieving payment from us?

Send an email to containing the following information:

1. Your account affiliate email (So Alex knows who you are!)

2. US citizens must fill out a digital w9 form. All other countries must send out a w8 form. Fill it out to the best of your ability and attach it to the email:

USA residents w9:
International residents w8:

*You can expect a response from Alex within 1-2 days (If not in a few hours)
*Do not ask your manager payment related questions as all payouts are handled by Alex.

This seems to be the first question our managers are asked when a new affiliate logs into their dashboard for the first time.

There is no one answer! The best is to split test a few different offers to see which brings you the most conversions.

We recommend all new affiliates try pushing the 'ViceEscorts 50% Recurring Revshare' offer as this can build you a monthly recurring income from your signups.
Our iFrame offers work well if you have your own landing pages you want to implement them on. Or you can use our pre-built landing pages like Craig-Personals to send your traffic to. The best type of traffic for this comes from dating/classified sites asking the users to verify themselves before moving forward with meeting a date.

If you have any questions about an offer be sure to reach out to your affiliate manager!